Company Profile

The company was founded in 2003, engaging in the planning, production, and installation of urn cabinets. In order to achieve stable quality, we do not use external personnel in our production line planning and production. Powder paint, steel plate shaping, base welding, and panel assembly are all performed on site by our team led by our own master craftsman to ensure professionalism.

We offer comprehensive and detailed planning, design, and construction of the materials, combination structure, appearance, arrangement, lines of movement arrangement and other internal cabinets of columbarium halls (towers). The solemn, bright, and spacious design provides a delicate and beautiful, compression-resistant, earthquake-resistant, safe, and advantageous worship environment so that people may offer their proper respect in exquisite beauty, safety, and humanity. We strive to meet the expectations of the people.

  • Material safety
  • Space functions
  • Beauty and durability
  • Refreshed impression

Customer-first, professional technology

The company has always upheld "customer-first" and "professional skills" as its guide and "integrity, diligence, and thrift" as its mission. We have always strived to earn "excellent quality" as our reputation and "innovation and breakthrough" as our goal. The company has grown steadily on the strength of "management with integrity", "dedicated service", and "efficiency first". It is our greatest wish to "always progress with customers".

Resist earthquakes with stainless steel cabinets

The stainless steel cabinet produced by Chancheng Metal with the concept of strong column and weak beam, which refers to the design requirements of making the plastic hinge of the frame structure appear at the end of the beam so as to boost the deformation capacity of the structure and prevent it from collapsing under the action of strong earthquakes.

TAF Certification/Test Report

Chancheng metal underwent a magnitude 7 earthquake test, which is different from a test for strong 6 earthquake, which means a maximum ground motion of 80 cm/sec. For comparison, the ground motion is 142.29cm/sec for a magnitude 7 quake, which is far higher than that of a strong 6 quake.

Long Stroke High Speed Earthquake Simulation Shaker Test Report

Resist earthquakes with stainless steel cabinets