Customized planning

The base construction is implemented

The base is tightly sits on the floor

In order to achieve the goals of durability, safety, and reduced load on the floor slab, we use stainless steel square tubes to make the base, which is fixed on the floor with expansion screws. Then we weld the body of the cabinet to the floor so that the box can sit tightly on the floor.

Cabinet construction implementation

V-shaped strong and tough connections

Taking into consideration its permanent usability and the fact that Taiwan is located in a seismic zone, we use steel cables with two-way elastic screws and expansion screws to make a V-shaped strong and tough connection with the main building structure. The fixing metal sheets are welded, not screwed, onto the body of the cabinet. We do not use screws because they will be reamed from the vibrations of earthquakes, leading to an unstable structure. Each welding point can withstand nearly 1 ton of tensile stress, and when the earthquake comes, the destructive force can be guided to the RC structure, the realization of the concept of strong columns and weak beams.

The overall decoration project:

Considering the overall aesthetics, the sides of the cabinet and the ceiling are all decorated, and 18x18mm stainless steel pipes will be used as the inner skeleton of the side. Use gold plastic aluminum plates to cover the surface, and choose to paste the PVC large picture on the surface to output the Buddha statue or the Heart Sutra.

3D drawing

Our company can tailor the interior environment of the columbarium tower according to the specific needs of each owner. We also provide on-site 3D drawing simulations to ensure that, before work is performed, the owner understands the situation at project completion, as shown in the figure: