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Located in Changhua County, we have been deeply involved in the local area for many years, upholding our business philosophy of 'teamwork, service, and innovation' and breaking away from traditional thinking. We have constantly improved, learned, and innovated to improve service quality and build up our strength so that we may reach the goals of the team and achieve excellent service and customer satisfaction.


Product introduction

Metal building structure, metal products, container manufacturing, urns, run cabinets, urn walls, Buddhist altars, memorial tablets, memorial tablet stands distribution and sales, planning and design, production and manufacturing

Run cabinets

Urn walls

Buddhist altars

Memorial tablets

Memorial tablet stands distribution



Creating a solemn, beautiful, safe, and earthquake-resistant memorial and worshiping environment

  • We offer comprehensive and detailed planning, design, and construction of the materials, combination structure, appearance, arrangement, lines of movement arrangement and other internal cabinets of columbarium halls (towers).

  • We use #304 stainless steel to make one-piece boxes, and they are assembled with hidden anti-earthquake screws to resist earthquakes of up to magnitude 7. The door panel uses CNS-2257:6063 aluminum alloy panel, which is both beautiful and elegant and calm.

  • The overall internal circulation plan adopts a modern, solemn, bright and spacious space design, providing exquisite beauty, compression resistance, earthquake resistance, and safety. The worship environment offers the advantages of proper respect to deceased parents and forebears, exquisite beauty, safety, and humanity.

Jhuangwei Township, Yilan County

Nantou Puli Jueling Temple Term 1

Jhuangwei Township, Yilan County

Tainan Lioujia ancestral (memorial / spirit / deity) tablet

Nantou Puli Jueling Temple ancestral (memorial / spirit / deity) rack

Wandan Township (Pingtung County) Life Memorial Hall

Fangyuan Township (Changhua County) Cemetery 1 Terms 3-4

Tainan Guanyu (martial deity) Temple