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Many columbariums had collapsed or tilted after earthquakes, causing many people to lose the ability to totally preserve the remains of their ancestors. Such experiences have taught the public a lesson. However, if their sacrifices can arouse the vigilance of government oversight agencies and lead to the strengthening of the management work and the selection of earthquake-resistant and fireproof materials, it would be the greatest contribution to future generations. To this end, our company specially selects non-flammable and earthquake-resistant steel plates as the main material of the cabinet frame structure, and plastic aluminum plates for the decoration of the sides and skirting. It is our hope that they will make the cabinet solid, durable, safe, fireproof, earthquake-resistant, and beautiful.

columbarium industry

In recent years, the columbarium industry in Taiwan has gradually adopted the use of cabinets made of stainless steel. The addition of powder coating and fluorocarbon paint has enabled the customization of cabinet colors. As for seismic resistance, we have obtained the magnitude 7 test report certified by TAF, so that the ancestors may rest in peace and the living may enjoy peace of mind. Each time we apply powder paint, we cut 10x10cm plate out of stainless steel of the same specification, which we bake with the cabinet or laminate together. After the baking, we conduct an impact test and a bending test to check whether the paint is peeling or cracking, and whether the film has reached a thickness of 60 microns.

The stainless steel cabinet produced by Chancheng Metal with the concept of strong column and weak beam, which refers to the design requirements of making the plastic hinge of the frame structure appear at the end of the beam so as to boost the deformation capacity of the structure and prevent it from collapsing under the action of strong earthquakes.

Chancheng Metal work produces the strong columns and weak beam stainless steel cabinet body.

The weak columns and strong beam design will make weak columns directly damaged by an earthquake.


The strong columns and weak beam design will lead the potential breaking energy to a beam and thus protect columns against potential damage as an earthquake suddenly strikes.